Tired of the same old boring collars and leashes?
Looking for the coolest custom dog collars on the planet?

Then welcome to 3 Dirty Dawgz!

Since all of our fabulous cat and dog collars are made to order each and every time, that means we can take the extra effort to make sure that you receive exactly what you are longing for! We aren't some mass produced ho hum dog collar company!

What makes a 3DD collar so customized?

Simple! Instead of us choosing the nylon and buckle color, here's where YOU become involved! You get to play designer for a day and create your very own unique dog collars. Now isn't that fun?! Choose your nylon color, choose your side release buckle, choose whether you want a classic black buckle or maybe want to upgrade to a trendy color buckle that matches your pup's personality, or maybe your special K9 prefers a martingale collar...it's all up to YOU! No restraints here. We are at your beck and call to create the best custom dog collars for your best buddy!

Why choose a 3 Dirty Dawgz collar, you ask?

Each of our custom dog collars are handmade in the USA and specially tailored to each and every pooch's specific needs. We offer a tremendous selection of the coolest dog collars to boot; from preppy dog collars to skulls and gothic dog collars to holiday dog collars to hot summer dog collars to girly dog collars and manly dog collars too! Oh, and one more thing! Before you go stuffing your shopping cart full of all those custom dog collars, don't forget to pick up some of our designer pet ID tags and Tag-Its which make changing your dog collar tags a snap, literally!